Client Testimonials


"Candace is amazing! I hired her for a lactation visit, and she was able to meet me last minute. My two week old baby was not latching on correctly and would fuss and cry whenever I tried to feed her. Candace came and was so helpful, showing me exactly how and what I should be doing to calm my baby beforehand so that she would latch on. She also gave me helpful tips on sleeping and all things baby. She is a miracle worker!!! Highly recommend her for any new mommies. I also attended one of her fourth trimester mommy groups. Can't wait for the next one!!"

-Amanda C

"I do not know where to begin on how wonderful having Candace was throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter, Charlie.  I did not have a doula for my first daughter, and having Candace by my side the second time around was such an incredible experience.  Candace offers a top notch level of support and care that I was so grateful to have. Candace has such an incredible energy about her and is very calming, knowledgeable, professional and sweet.  She was so helpful in providing advice and answers to questions I had, and was always checking in and following up.  I really felt taken care of every step of the way and I can truly say the help and support she provided was invaluable.  During the delivery, I felt so calm and empowered having her there to help push me, it was such an amazing birth.  It was an experience I will never forget!  With her help, I was able to recover so much quicker and easier than my first, which I was very thankful for.  I highly recommend Candace if you are considering a doula, she is the best there is!

-Erin H.

"Wow! Candace was able to help me ease my mind before I went into labor and really supported me like nobody else was able to. I am so thankful Candace helped me achieve my unmedicated birth I was pushing for. I struggled after delivery to get my son to latch and she even helped me easily get him latched on in one visit. She followed up with me many times and gave me a great amount of information without me feeling overwhelmed. I would definitely love support again from Candace in my next pregnancy. Thank you."

-Christina R

"Working with Candace has been such a great help and sigh of relief. When I had my son he was 5 weeks premature and I had issues with him being in the NICU and nursing. To be honest he was never able to latch again after the long NICU stay. So Candace was my cheerleader and encouraged me to continue pumping. I pumped for 2 years and 2 months. Without her I would have given up. This is my nursing story."

 -R. Johnson

"Being a first time expecting mother has been a rollercoaster for me. I've had my fair share of bad days and plenty of questions that health professionals left unanswered. Candace has been a great help with any questions I had and quick to respond. She is very knowledgable and passionate about anything baby related. I wish I could have her next to me during my birth, I'm excited to continue to go through my pregnancy with her and can't wait for the breastfeeding process to start knowing she will be there as well. 


" As a first time mom, I really thought breastfeeding was going to come naturally but I was wrong and found myself in extreme amount of pain and wanting to give up early on. The baby was having difficulty latching on and that made the process even more difficult. During my stay in the hospital, I was given few resources and was not really shown how to breastfeed and going home trying to learn it on my own was difficult. I was referred to Candace for assistance and thankfully she was available the same day and came over with pleasure.  She was so warm and sweet the minute she arrived and was so good with our baby boy. She showed me the best ways for the baby to latch on, breathing techniques to help ease the pain and how to deal with my breast engorgement. I am grateful for Candace, though she came for one home consultation, she followed up with me weekly for a couple of weeks until i was making great improvements. It was great having her as a resource! I highly recommend seeing her if you have any questions or concerns about breastfeeding."


"What would I have done without Candace! I contacted Candace after almost giving up on breastfeeding. I wasn't sure how so many mothers breastfeed or why they do it. I was exhausted and frustrated. I called Candace as a last hope and here we are months later with the strongest nursing relationship. I wish I knew Candace with my first baby and I hope so many new parents reach out to her. She really cares about you as a mother and provider to the baby. She even asked me at one point, "do you want to breastfeed?" She could see my heart was giving up and she was making sure I was ok. It was the most confusing question I had heard postpartum. I didn't even answer because I didn't know what to say. I realized for the first time its my choice whether or not to breastfeed. The point is she wants you to be successful and happy and love your baby so much it hurts. Truly and deeply Candace provides an experience people need."

-Angela T.

 As a mother of two young boys only 20 months apart, it’s not hard to believe that I’ve faced many parenting obstacles in which I’ve needed immediate guidance and help with. My youngest son, who was born by emergency C Section due to the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck was quite the surprise that I did NOT expect. By 4 months of age, i noticed that not only did he wheeze commonly but he start to develop eczema with every feeding. He has very reactive skin and airways, and while I knew this i never knew how serious it really was.
This year I went to New York with my husband and another couple. While i was on my trip i was getting calls from my mom who was watching my boys. She kept telling me that my youngest was wheezing a lot and not sleeping very well. I told her to continue breathing treatments and to monitor his fever.  We happened to miss our flight home due to extreme traffic. Any parent can understand the worry and sadness in our hearts as we realized we wouldn’t be able to get home to our sick baby until the next day. I called Candace Hallak to communicate my worries to her. I knew she was the best person to call because not only has she completely guided me to make the best decisions that I possibly can through this beautiful and complicated parenting journey in every aspect, but she’s also the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to being in the hospital by showing love and support. That being said, I knew she would relay the information to me in the best way, so that I can make the final decisions of how to proceed during Cruz’s hospital visit, from the plane. My mother and best friend were present to make medical decisions and Candace was present to support me emotionally. I know that Candace takes everything she does seriously and she truly cares about anyone she comes into contact with. I was truly blessed to have her by my side to consult with and communicate my concerns to. I couldn’t be more grateful for her presence. On the flight home we kept in contact through WiFi and as sad as I was that I couldn’t be there I cannot explain the relief I felt knowing that I had such a loving, informed and compassionate person nurturing my son. This is only one example of an amazing moment I have shared with Candace. She really is wonderful and my go to when it comes to anything- mother and health related. She is compassionate, generous with all of her heart and completely puts others first.
Anyone who comes in contact with her knows exactly what I mean. 


"When you want the most important thing in life to experience motherhood and you start to stress every month it never creates a good combination. I am one of those people until I met Candace. I reached out to her not only because she is a doula but because she knows how to mother and parent. She made it so easy to ask any question didn't matter what time. The moment I took a pregnancy test I didn't tell my husband or mother I text Candace right away to thank her for giving me resources to prepare my body for what was going to happen. She helped me not just mentally but also physically. She is spiritually healing which allowed me to have more faith in myself and my journey.  I will forever be thankful to her and what she does. She doesn't judge you. She makes you very comfortable to ask her anything (literally anything). Thank you again to my sweet friend Candace for caring about me and my baby boy."