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As a mother of two beautiful kids I am on this journey beside each and every new parent. After working for about 4 years in a nearby emergency department my heart was ready for a new venture. I transferred to Labor and Delivery and instantly felt so uplifted. I strive to deliver a holistic approach to labor and postpartum care to ensure every client gets the calm and pleasant experience they deserve.  

UCSD Certified Lactation Counselor 

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Breastfeeding, labor and postpartum experiences through a mother's eyes

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How does a doula help?

Labor and postpartum doulas are able to support the family as a whole during labor, delivery, and journeying home together. I personally enjoy encouraging the partner to help and I very much enjoy the feeding relationship between mother and baby.

Why should I hire a doula during labor?

Whether you decide to birth at home with a licensed midwife, in a birth center, or in a hospital doulas can help in many ways. I support all families from natural births to cesareans by nurturing each family before labor, during, and following birth. I am able to support the birthing family with comfort measures, education, physical support, and of course emotional support. 

What do postpartum doulas do?

Every day changes with postpartum work depending on family size and dynamic. Postpartum doulas are on hand to do whatever the parents need to enjoy each minute they can with baby. A large part of the role of postpartum work is breastfeeding knowledge and care, newborn care, and making sure the mother is very comfortable and happy in her surroundings. 

When should I hire a postpartum doula?

I always recommend to hire a postpartum doula months before your due date to be sure the doula is the right fit for your family.

What if I don't want to breastfeed?

Every mother and family has a right way of living. I in no way believe parenting has a wrong choice. I am surrounding mothers to empower each other and raise healthy families mentally and physically.

Does my doula need CPR certification?

Each doula needs Basic Life Support CPR certification. I have been CPR certified for over ten years and have performed CPR in an emergency environment. 

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Labor and Postpartum Support

Love. The support families need as a whole is many times looked over. My goal is to encourage bonding throughout the family of grandparents and partners along with older children.

Lactation Education

My reason for becoming an educator is to help mothers overcome obstacles without giving up. I love to follow each new family and respect their own way of feeding whether it be breast, bottle, or both.

Infant Soothing

With extensive experience caring for newborns I love to help support moms and teach new techniques on how to calm infants by providing gentle care and touch


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